Leisure time

You can find out more about activities, which can entertain You near Severka.

Summer time

  • Hiking - Severka lies just a few meters away from the entrance to the natural jewel - Adršpach-Teplice rocks - where You can go for a small walk or even multiple days trek
  • Cycling - there are loads of bicycle paths around, which offer great views not only of Rocks, but even of the whole Broumov countryside
  • Swimming - swimming pool is situated only about 600 m from Severka
  • Tennis - there is a possibility to book a tennis court situated just a few meters from Severka, You just have to use one of the contacts
  • Mushrooming - woods around Severka invites You to collect many kinds of edible mushrooms

Winter time

  • Croscountry skiing - there are many crosscountry traces leading through the valleys as well as on the edges of local mountains
  • Downhill skiing - the nearest slope of Kamenec is just about 600 m away, artificially snowed and adjusted in bad snow conditions, offers light in the night skiing
  • Skating - there is a skating-rink of TJ Slavoj near Severka

In the case of any question, feel free to contact us via:
e-mail: severkateplice@gmail.com or
telephone: +420 774 352 894 or +420 722 929 126